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ANP Tune Up Kit RX8

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ANP Tune Up Kit RX8

Pettit's ANP (All Natural Power) technology routinely provides 8-12% more power and torque as well as improved efficiency making RX8’s smoother, quicker and more fun to drive with MPG's in the high 20's and a few 8 owners with Pettit Built Renesis engines reported 30+ MPG's.

By combining our ANP technology with some simple tricks, (the knowledge of how best to use / enjoy as well as properly care for the Renesis engine), RX-8 owners can expect silk smooth performance and longevity for many years of driving fun.

Our simple, common sense guide is outlined on our recommendations page

Pettit's ANP technology is the result of countless hours of testing both on the road and track then backed up on the chassis Dyno. Simple and effective upgrades that not only provides the best hp/dollar in the industry but also improve reliability and longevity for the Renesis engine.

Since the late 1980's our simple designs and attention to detail have proven to provide an exciting balance of performance and longevity for countless rotary powered vehicles as well as helping our team win the 1998 GT2 Endurance Championship, 5 SCCA Championships, several track records and four top Rolex 24finishes at Daytona.

ANP Tune Up Kit:

  • 2 x NGK Iridium Lead plugs
  • 2 x PowerRev Upgrade Spark Coils
  • 1 x Ground Upgrade Kit, v- to block, block to chassis
  • 1 x K&N hi flow air filter cleaning kit
  • 1 x oil & filter change kit oem style filter
  • 2 x Protek-R 12oz

All The individual parts are also available separately.

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