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PR RX8 Catback & Resonated Midpipe pkg

  • PR RX8 Catback & Resonated Midpipe pkg
  • PR RX8 Catback & Resonated Midpipe pkg
  • PR RX8 Catback & Resonated Midpipe pkg
  • PR RX8 Catback & Resonated Midpipe pkg

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The ultimate replacement for your complete stock RX-8 exhaust

Pettit Racing has worked with Milltek Sport, one of the UK's premiere exhaust specialists to create a full and modular exhaust system for the RX8.

Featuring huge 4 inch beautifully crafted tips, sculpted to fit the curves of the RX8s rear valances, and a twin box muffler system for elegant looks, great sound and weight saving, this full 3-inch system has been carefully engineered to give a slightly more aggressive sound than the Racing Beat catback system, but with none of the in-cabin 'drone' on cruise typical of the louder systems such as the GReddy SP2.

Very civilized in cabin, and when cruising, the system really opens up along with your rotary engine.

The modular nature of the system not only allows easy adjustment for fit, but easy customization. You can simply remove the cat section and replace it with the cat delete pipe, while keeping the entire catback and resonated sections in place. Not only that, but the straight-through slip system allows a totally free flowing system, whereas the OEM flange introduces an unavoidable restriction. Weight savings are 2 kg. (4.4 lbs.) over OEM for the catback alone, and with the resonated hi flow cat as well, 7 kg. (15.4 lbs.) is saved over OEM!

The catalyst itself is a very high quality, metal matrix 200° C HJS cat, and complements our lower cost option, for users who want both a more modulated sound (via the resonator) and a higher quality cat for better longevity in motorsport situations. Not only that but with its modular design is easy to operate as a cat/decat setup, just by purchasing the cat delete pipe as well, and simply slipping one off and slipping the other on, then bolting up the flange to the exhaust manifold. HJS rate their cat to over 1050° C to deal with the rotary's high temp exhaust flow.


  • Cannot be used separately: only intended to replace cat section of the Resonated Hi Flow cat, to create a Race-pipe.
  • While we will support the new 2009+ R3 model, it is a different fit. The R3 model Pettit Racing catback should be available soon. Stay tuned...

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